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Hey Ladies, and potential gentleman who are kind enough to buy your lady a little something, we commend you.

I could dazzle you with a false and intelligent narrative as to how we got started and who we are, but I’m about to get real with you. As a young child to present day, I have always had an interest in fashion. I would nit-pick my moms wardrobe, and my brother wouldn’t leave the house until he had my approval. I knew I had an eye for what looked good on people, and how to properly wear the latest trends without looking like stepping out of teen magazine. Not knowing how to use this gift, I got a job in a renowned  department store, where I swore I would move up in hierarchy once my boss saw how knowledgeable I was. Two years later, I am still dusting shelves and checking people out at the cash. Enter the next chapter of my “Fashion Career”. I headed to college for a couple years, studying fashion management and marketing. After graduating, I thought I would land my dream job as a fashion editor or stylist, but I slowly began to realize that’s not how the fashion industry works. I would be getting coffee for snooty executives, countless hours of pardon my French, bitch work, and not to mention all of my ideas thrown back in my face.

Long story short, a small “firing” took place, and there I was, unemployed and slowly losing my mind. What has my life become ? Enter – the man of my dreams. I won’t get too romantic when I say that fate brought me and this man together, but he met me down on my dumps and picked me up and helped mold me into the confident woman I am today. After countless inspirational conversations, he somehow convinced me to get back into fashion and build my own e-commerce empire.

Ladies, all of the pieces present on my site have been handpicked by me through either of my alter egos. Nickel, being my tom boy side, and Quartz being my party girl glitzy side.

This website is my baby, and it wouldn’t be anything without you. If you ever have any questions, or need advice on what to order for an occasion, I will personally email you back myself as soon as I can.

No matter how big or little your order, I appreciate every single one of you!

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